What is the difference between video motion detection and video analytics?

Video motion detection (VMD) is a way of defining activity in a scene by analyzing the differences that occur in a series of images from the camera. Any change between frames is regarded as a ‘detection’. Video Analytics analyzes live or recorded video and it identifies items of interest, eliminates the cause of many false alarms, and can provide more useful information. Video Analytics is in most cases based on ‘rules’, ‘filters’, or ‘algorithms’ which can be embedded in cameras, Network Video Servers or as an SW Application Program.

What is metadata?

Metadata means 'data about data'. For Video Analytics, it means the output created by the software. Metadata sent with a video stream describes the motion and properties of objects in the video scene on a frame-by-frame basis, together with events, counts and other status and debug information. Metadata for a specific alarm event would include information about the event or alarm being triggered by the rule violation. It consists of the object pixel information (boundary box and trails), location, status, event or rule notification associated with the alarm, and the values of any pre-configured counters.


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